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[Windows] Rip Blu-rays and DVDs, and convert videos and audios to other formats with Tipard Blu-ray Converter

2013-03-06_233012 [1]dotTech has a review on excellent review on free video and audio converters [2]. We have also written about free programs that can rip Blu-rays and DVDs, such as DVDFab HD Decrypter. However, we have yet to come across a program that rips Blurays, rips DVDs, and converts audios/videos to other format… a program like Tipard Blu-ray Converter.


Main Functionality

Tipard Blu-ray Converter is able to rip Blu-rays and converter them to other video formats. However, despite the misleading name, ripping Blu-rays is not all that Tipard Blu-ray Converter does; it can also rip DVDs plus convert videos/audios to other formats.




2013-03-06_233004 [4]Tipard Blu-ray Converter is an interesting program not necessarily for its features, per se. When looked at as independent silos, Tipard Blu-ray Converter’s Blu-ray ripping, DVD ripping, and audio/video converting features are good but nothing extraordinary; there are plenty of programs, freeware and shareware, that can do the same. What makes Tipard Blu-ray Converter interesting is the fact that it brings all three of these features into one program for one price instead of you having to download and/or purchase multiple different programs.

In terms of features and performance, I have nothing major to quibble about. As you can see in the ‘Pros’ list above, Tipard Blu-ray Converter has a bunch of features and performs very well. The only major thing lacking in Tipard Blu-ray Converter is the ability to output Blu-rays/DVDs as Blu-ray/DVD folders or ISOs (which helps with reburning to disc, if that is ever desired). However, that is probably not a deal-breaker for many people and can easily be added in by the developer in a future update. The biggest issue I have with Tipard Blu-ray Converter is lack of proper disclosure.

You see a Blu-ray/DVD ripper is only as good as the DRM protection it can bypass. After all, if a program cannot bypass the DRM protection on your Blu-ray/DVD then it isn’t a very good ripper because it won’t rip anything. Seeing as there are various different DRM protection techniques used by Blu-rays/DVDs, it is imperative that the developer of a Blu-ray/DVD ripper be clear about what types of DRM protection can be passed because that determines which Blu-rays/DVDs the ripper can rip. The developer of Tipard Blu-ray Converter is very coy in this regard.

If you look on Tipard Blu-ray Converter’s homepage, you will see it say: “This Blu-ray Converter can automatically decipher your Blu-ray disc.” That tells as absolutely nothing about what types of Blu-ray DRM protection can be bypassed by this program. If you look in the program’s Help file, all you get is “load all kinds of popular Blu-ray disc” which still tells us nothing. In other words, if you buy Tipard Blu-ray Converter to rip/backup your Blu-ray movies, you are gambling as to which of your Blu-rays this program is able to rip: it may be able to rip all, it may be able to rip some, it may be able to rip none… it all depends on what type of DRM protection is being used and if Tipard Blu-ray Converter can bypass it or not.

For DVDs Tipard Blu-ray Converter’s Help file is a bit more clear listing “CSS, Region, RCE, and Sony ARccOS” as the type of DRM protection that can be bypassed. CSS, Region, RCE, and Sony ARccOS covers a good majority of DVDs so you should be able to rip most DVDs with this program but it doesn’t cover all. For example, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum [5] can bypass “CSS, region code, RCE, Sony ArccOS, UOPs, and Disney X-project” meaning WinX DVD Ripper Platinum can rip more DVDs than Tipard Blu-ray Converter. However, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is strictly a DVD ripper and not a Blu-ray ripper.


In terms of features and performance, Tipard Blu-ray Converter is nothing special but is a good program nonetheless. The fact that it is a Blu-ray ripper, DVD ripper, and video/audio converter under one roof for one price (instead of three) is the major selling point. However, until the developer tells us explicitly what types of DRM protection the program can bypass, you are pretty much gambling by buying this program; it may, or may not, be able to rip your movies.

My recommendation to you is the following. If you are a gambling man or woman and you are thinking about getting Tipard Blu-ray Converter, give the trial a go before buying and see if it can rip the Blu-rays/DVDs that you own and intend on ripping. Of course this won’t help for Blu-rays/DVDs you intend on purchasing in the future but it will help ensure a tleast you get some use out of this program. On the other hand, if you don’t want to gamble with the $45 this program costs you, then skip out on Tipard Blu-ray Converter and instead look at freeware alternatives.

DVDFab HD Decrypter [6] is a freeware program that will rip DRM-protected Blu-rays/DVDs. It doesn’t converter Blu-rays/DVDs to other formats but once you have ripped them you can use a freeware video converter to converter. Read dotTech’s review on best free video/audio converter for Windows [2] to learn more.

Price: $45

Version reviewed: 6.3.38

Supported OS: Windows XP SP2/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8

Download size: 23 MB

VirusTotal malware scan results: 1/46 [7]

Is it portable? No

Tipard Blu-ray Converter homepage [8]