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AT&T attacked T-Mobile with ads. T-Mobile is now striking back with their own clever ad campaign.

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Last week, AT&T attacked T-Mobile in an ad campaign that saw full-page newspaper ads highlighting the disadvantages of going with the carrier. According to the ads, compared to AT&T, T-Mobile has “2x more dropped calls, 2x more failed calls, and 50% slower download speeds.”

Now, TmoNews has acquired what is undoubtedly going to be the smaller carrier’s answer to the AT&T ads — they’re very own attack ads. They’re expected to run in the next few days, and are centered around how T-Mobile believes they are “keeping AT&T up at night.”

As you’ve probably already noticed from the image above, one of the ads references the failed merger between the two companies back in 2011 and another asks readers if they can “see the beads of sweat” in AT&T’s ad.

Here’s a statement Chief Marketing Officer Mike Sievert that was sent to The Verge:

We love a good scrap, especially when the winner is the consumer. What’s more, we love that thousands of customers drop AT&T for a better experience at T-Mobile. So far more than two million customers have brought unlocked iPhones to T-Mobile, and counting. We won’t stop until everyone has heard our Un-carrier message.

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But when AT&T’s subscriber base handily outnumbers T-Mobile’s at 107 million to 33 million, you really have to wonder, why did they even bother in the first place? While T-Mobile CEO John Legere did call AT&T’s network “crap” during CES, if that’s the whole reason we’re seeing all this, it all seems a little sad. And childish. But clever. Clever comeback, T-Mobile.

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