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Google I/O website has a ton of easter eggs, see if you can find them all

googleio [1]

Google’s I/O event isn’t until May, but the company already has a site up for registration but also to host a ton of little easter eggs — if you can find them all, that is.

After loading up the site, you’ll be able to click on the large I and O on the logo to enter codes and certain combinations will take you to other special pages, bring up secret sound effects and one combination even nets you an awesome cat version of the I/O logo. When entering a code, it’ll flash red when you’re headed in the wrong direction, so change things up until you see green. The cat logo was the first one I saw and I got it by entering IIIOOIII.

It’s a little silly, but it’s definitely a very Google sort of thing to do. Registration opens March 13, with the actual event running from May 15-17, 2013.

catio [2]

See any other awesome stuff hidden with other codes? Share it with us in the comments below [3]!

[via The NextWeb [4]]