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Origins of dotTech lie in Ashraf’s youthful obsession with websites. Ever since Ashraf started using the Internet, he has been fascinated with websites. When he was a kid he would try to weasel his way into “co-webmaster” positions for “DBZ RPG” websites with random people he didn’t even know outside of their screen names. Once he gained some years and learned the ways of the web, he started creating websites on his own. dotTech was the unintended result of Ashraf helping his friend with a project of his.

In 2008 Ashraf’s friend asked for him to help build a website for a local mosque. After building the website, Ashraf’s interest in websites was rekindled and he started a crusade of registering domains which – the hope was – would eventually be converted to websites. This is how PoliticallyMotivated.net was born in October 2008. PoliticallyMotivated.net started off as a joke name for a non-political blog. PMnet started off slowly with Ashraf writing personal articles only. However, after Ashraf discovered Giveawayoftheday.com, he started more of a technical blog by writing daily reviews on software. As PMnet gained traction and started to find its small place on the internet, Ashraf realized that the name PoliticallyMotivated.net was no longer funny and instead was hindering the growth of his blog. So, dotTech.org was bought and PMnet was converted into what today is dotTech. Since then Ashraf has not looked back, developing dotTech into a popular and authoritative source on all things 1s and 0s (okay, almost all things).

Our Staff

Ashraf (Mr. Boss)

Happily married to the most beautiful woman ever, Ashraf is the founder of dotTech. Ashraf spends insane hours on dotTech (usually writing articles but sometimes doing absolutely nothing except staring). Yes he is weird, but he is also very friendly.

Enrique Manalang (News Writer)

Enrique brings you your daily tech news on dotTech. When he isn’t writing the news, you’ll find him playing video games or traveling.

Vamien McKalin (News Writer)

Huge fan of Microsoft products, gamer, and an aspiring amateur photographer who wishes one day to get his hands on a Nokia lumia 1020. I also have super powers, you know, walking on water and all that.

Joe Lee (News Writer)

Typical tech junkie. You can follow him on Twitter at @jl0759

Briley Kenny (Windows & Android Reviewer)

Briley is a tech/gaming journalist, and electronic gadget enthusiast. Briley writes for several online publications including Android Headlines, Blackberry Rocks, The Tech Labs and of course dotTech. His most recent project involved working on a turn based RPG called Tales of Illyria, which is now available in Google Play!

Kent (Windows & Android Reviewer)

Kent is a freelance blogger who likes to write about anything that’s related to tech. When she’s not writing, she usually spends most of her time playing Ayakashi Ghost Guild, watching anime and reading manga. If you want to catch her latest updates, follow her at Twitter or add her on Google Plus.

Tucker Cummings (Writer)

I’m a iPad and iPhone junkie who loves trying new apps and quality mobile games. When I’m not composing app reviews, I’m probably running, baking, checking Twitter obsessively, or writing short fiction.

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