This is why geeks fail with girls [Comic]


Haha :-)

To be fair, not all geeks fail with girls. In fact, I happen to fancy myself as a stud (I’m kidding, don’t tell my wife). How about you — which category do you fall into you?

[via ReadnRock]

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  1. KMHamm

    Reminds me of the woman who said to her husband, “Honey, please go to the store and get a galon of milk. Also, if they have avacados, get six.”
    He came back with 6 gallons of milk.When she asked him why he’d gotten six gallons of milk, he said….

    “Well, they had avacados…..”

  2. David Roper

    JT, very nice. I have been married for 49 years and the other day I thought my wife wanted flowers, too. I thought that’s what she said, but actually she wanted me to go to the grocery store to get some Flour for cooking supper. ;-)

  3. JT

    Some men just aren’t romantics, I know I’m one of them, but every single day to my amazement for the past 10+ years my wife still chooses me. Might have to try printing off flowers though just to see what happens…. j/k