This computer is “never obsolete” [Image]


I never knew eMachines was also an internet service provider.

[via MakeUseOf]

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  1. Jordan

    4.3 GB hard drive, YES I CAN FIT ALL of half a movie on it YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and guess what my 2011 laptop, that seems slightly slow has more ram than hard drive space than that has ram

  2. Gennaro Prota

    It isn’t as bad as it seems at first: if you read on the front label, it says: “upgrade your PC to the fastest model on the market every two years for only $99″. Now, what the fastest model on the market would be is debatable :-), but the point of the matter is (I think) that you have some obsolescence protection. At least, it is so if we ignore the “*this computer* is” part; which, given its dimensions, should be easy enough from an adequately long distance :-)