• Col. Panek

    Mind the gap.

  • davidroper

    I watched a Science show yesterday that showed an apparent drip of watter moving UP and not down. Fools the eye. Most video/movies are made at 24 fps but if played back at 22-23 fps, the drops of water appears to move up and not down. It’s what our brain thinks we see. Something like that. If seen at 24, it freezes and doesn’t move. There’s facts in here. Somebody pull them out for me.
    Here’s where the verbal abuse starts. I am ready.

  • Navin

    It is not moving in a certain direction. It is just moving to and fro; that is, one step forward, then one step backward…like that.

  • etim

    [@Louis] Look at the very edge of either end for a bit–it will switch on you.

  • Louis

    moving towards you

  • Mayank

    It actually isn’t moving..

  • davidroper

    I can get my Dizzy on without drinking a beer.

  • etim

    Now that”s cool.

  • David Dills

    The HECK with which way the dang train is moving, who is the hot chick with the kid waiting on it? Is she single?

  • Tom

    Stared toooo long at this and I’m feelin sorta sick right now… I’m hoping there’s a way to clean last night’s supper off my laptop keyboard… :(