A magazine for… Commodore personal computer users [Image]


I’d say memories but I have none of this time.

[via Reddit]

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  1. stilofilos

    Ah… memories indeed !
    I did love it. Much more reliable than nowadays windows stuff. And you could make it do the same things the same way as those office mastodonts. Only sad that technology those days was so young and limited (speed, memory size, even loading programs from audio cassettes before the advent of floppies…)
    Even its little basic was lots more convivial than its nowadays ‘visual’ clone)
    And of course, you had to do it all by yourself. No pre-chewed things on a not yet existing internet… Pioneering spirit, and continuous aha-Erlebnis.
    It also was a time when you really felt things growing, and the world developing , whereas nowadays, with almost every new update of things, you are confronted with crippling limitations and dumbing down by lack of vision, despite unlimited technology being available.