This Gatling gun (machine gun) uses lasers instead of bullets [Video]



Die ballons, die! (Really, I’m not a violent person at all.)

[via Obvious Winner]

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  • David

    Well, it’s not really a gatling gun. If you were to make a real laser gatling gun, you’d have the lasers turn on only for a moment when they’re at the top of the spin. By doing this, you concentrate the firepower on one spot. Also, you could turn the lasers up to a higher power, as each one would only be on for a moment each time they spun around.

    It also appears that the barrels of the gun aren’t properly centered, as the lasers wobble as it spins, rather than staying in a stationary circle. Also a shame that he didn’t spin up the gun when he was shooting balloons, although I suspect if he did that, it wouldn’t work. Spinning up the gun he made would spread out the heat on the baloons, which would cause them to pop slower, if at all. That’s the issue with this gun. Spinning it up makes it less effective(although cooler looking, of course).

    If you overvolted the lasers and had each one turn on only when they were at the top of the rotation, you might be able to get a higher power single spot than you could with just a single laser(depending on how much you can safely overvolt the lasers for momentary operation). And, like a real gatling gun, the spinning barrels would allow each one(well, the laser in each one) to cool as it went around.