Lion and zebra sip water from same pond… [Amazing Photo of the Day]


…And what happens next, I’m sure we all know.

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  1. Geert

    Next? What’s next? Not necessarily killing the zebra. Lions (predators in common) only kill to survive. They don’t kill needelessly. They’re not like human beings, who are wasting lots of foods, who are killing for greediness (look at the elephant, tiger and rhino poaching currently ongoing by bloody idiots) and who are even killing for fun. Sad, really sad…

  2. Seamus McSeamus

    Zebra: So, Leo, you wanna go grab some pizza, maybe watch the Lions v Broncos game?

    Lion: Game, yes. Pizza, no. I was planning on having steak.

    Zebra: Why are you looking at me like that?