Reindeers, Santa’s favorite pets after elves [Amazing Photo of the Day]

reindeer bing

These are great animals capable of flight and immense speed while airborne. The hair on their body is actually tiny feathers that allow them to fly, and they also allow for warmth during the cold winder nights. No other creature like the Reindeer is capable of this kind of flight, which makes the Reindeer dotTech’s animal of the year for 2013.

[via Bing]

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  1. madbilby

    ” No other creature like capable of this type of flight “…?
    Another excellent mangling of the english language from Vamien ” Spellmiester ” McKalin… lol.
    And no…..I am not stalking him …..he is a valid… and reliable… source of hilarity….lol
    All the best for the festive season to all the inhabitants of dotTech .