Stunning photo of lions out on a stroll in the middle of a road [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Think Ashraf, think. What type of clever introduction can you write for a photo of mama lion and sister lion out on a walk with little lion in the middle of a dirt road surrounded by wild grass? Think… think… oh screw it. I don’t have anything to say. See the stunning picture for yourself and be amazed:

[via Facebook | Image credit David Lazar]

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  1. Eric

    …and they actually have to teach the little lions not to attack elephants…unless they are a superpride.
    Actually lions are by far my favorite wild animal. I was not picking on them. The animals they kill for food would probably die of starvation if lions weren’t there to thin the herds. They would eat the grass until it was dead.
    They don’t always kill for food. There is cat on cat violence and they kill hyenas for fun, and I hate hyenas.