[Windows] Manage all of the fonts stored on your computer with FontFrenzy

FrontFrenzyDo you have a lot of different fonts on your computer? I know I do! I have way more than what originally came with my system. After all, adding new fonts to your system is fairly simple and painless. However, keeping up with all of these fonts is a different story altogether. That is where FontFrenzy comes in.


Main Functionality

FontFrenzy is a program that helps you manage your fonts. It comes with some very unique features, like the ability to uninstall all fonts that are not original and create a backup of all of your currently installed fonts. For someone who uses a lot of fonts, this could be a real lifesaver.


  • Manage your fonts in just a few simple clicks
  • Option to remove all fonts from your computer that are not original
  • Can create a snapshot of existing font files so that you can easily restore them if you need to
  • Extremely easy-to-use interface with big buttons that clearly describe what they are going to do


  • Program offers no benefits to those who don’t download and install new fonts to their computer
  • Problems can occur when you remove certain font files from your computer. It is recommended that you backup your fonts before deleting any to reduce the chance of getting a corrupted system file


FontFrenzy ScreenshotIf you download and install a lot of fonts to your computer, you know how easy it is to lose track of them all. It can be difficult to tell which ones are custom and which ones came with Windows. Well, FontFrenzy can take the guesswork out of it for you.

The program is very easy to use. As soon as you install the program, you can start managing your fonts in just a few clicks. At the top of the program you will see a number of big buttons: Defrenzy, FrenzySnap, Refrenzy, FrenzyMan, and FrenzyInfo. Don’t worry about trying to remember which each one does. After clicking on one, a description of what it does pops up on the left-hand side.

For example, Defrenzy removes all of the fonts from your computer that are not original. This can be helpful if your computer is getting overcrowded with custom fonts. The option FrenzyMan actually allows you to manage all of your fonts in just one place. This is very helpful if you only want to delete certain fonts from your computer.

Do keep in mind, that deleting fonts from your computer can sometimes lead to corrupt system files (something that the program does warn you about). Thus, it is very important to always do a FrenzySnap before you start deleting files. The FrenzySnap actually creates a backup of the programs that are already installed on your computer. This way, if anything goes wrong, you can do a ReFrenzy to replace all of the deleted fonts.


Overall, I believe that this program would be helpful for those of you who like using a lot of custom fonts. I know there were a lot of fonts it found on my computer that I had forgotten I downloaded. Although they were not hurting anything on my computer, it was nice to “clean up” my ever-growing list of fonts.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 1.5

Supported OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8

Download size: 965KB

VirusTotal malware scan results: 0/45

Is it portable? No

FontFrenzy download page

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  1. Shawn


    1.Happy New Year
    2.Yes the post is a bit outdated but the main reason I had linked it was mostly for the windows related font issues.. because unfortunately softwares like theses never pardon as they are quite the destructive behavior but your absolutely right for corel it’s WAY outdated as most graphic suites when they install they add lots and lots of fonts… but you made me remember the most obvious way to make sure not to touch the primary fonts.. “Sort by Date ;-)” Anything related with the windows installation will likely be the oldest font’s for me on xp 2007 and older is what needs to be kept…

    As for any major software installation they will most likely be date stamped with the same information.

    So thanks again for jogging my brain I was able to remove the 1.5k of extra fonts I had downloaded from various public domain places.

  2. Janet

    I also use NexusFont. Being able to view uninstalled fonts is important. It also supports Hebrew!

    PS The post in #4 Shawn is out of date, with some incrrect info (e.g., which fonts are required by Corel Graphics Suite/CorelDraw).

  3. Eric989

    I haven’t tried this one yet but when I was experimenting with a bunch a fonts a few months ago I found Portable NexusFont. It is small, portable and has a very good user interface that makes it easy to view and compare fonts side by side with any custom text. It is very good for going through a bunch of fonts very quickly and the fonts do not have to be installed to view them.

  4. Shawn


    Dozen e-mails we’re they all seperate post or re-edits?

    Reason I’m asking is that earlier today I myself was having issues connecting to dottech… so I’m wondering if some smart ass (Scuse the expression) had something to do with it…

  5. Dunkerella

    I didn’t know that deleting fonts could affect the system but it makes sense when you think about it.
    Knowing this I would now never consider deleting fonts. Why chance it for that trifle amount of disk space.

  6. kelltic

    Just thought I’d mention that the issues you list as cons are generic, not specific to this font manager, but would apply to any font manager. Any time you start deleting fonts – or anything other than files you’ve made yourself – you can run into problems.

    I use my font manager to compare fonts, pick out the perfect type style for the project of the moment.