How to subdue a lion — tickle it [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Yesterday we saw some silly pictures of Dave Engledow and his daughter Alice Bee. Ready for another silly photo? This time, it is of a lion.

Want to know how to subdue a lion? The following photo provides a telling tail. Check it out (and yes, it most likely is photoshopped update: this may be real… see this video):



[via Facebook]

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  1. lljwagg

    We’ll be reading this man’s obituary online – VERY SOON!
    You are right Eric989 about touching a cat’s hind feet, they are not fond of them being touched, expecially on the pads, their natural response is to kick you away – failing that you risk being bitten or scratched.

  2. Eric989

    Hopefully that lion is not like one of my cats. I have a cat that loves to be petted but she won’t let you stop petting her. Any attempt to stop and get away results in an attack. She will chase me around the house and bite me hard enough to make me bleed.