“If web browsers were superheroes…” [Comic]

In today’s world, there are dozens upon dozens of web browsers out there, especially if you factor in browser apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. When looking at just desktop browsers, most of these dozens tend to be forks of the five major ones — Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari. If each of these five were to be described as superheroes, what would they be? Check it out:


LMAO at Internet Explorer.

[via C-Section Comics]

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  • j

    is that smell coming out of IExplorers “butthead” ??? stinky fat “wtf”!

    Safari should be connected to your “australian-apple-navigation-story”, ashraf.

    And, yes, operas picture is not fair! it should be some kind of stylish Spiderman like creature.

    Chrome should be a blue and red “watcher” from matrix!

    and firefox should be R2D2!

  • Hamza

    I am for Firefox!

  • Not a mutant? Aparently you haven’t tried Explorer on Windows 8 :P.

  • J.L.

    @naveed: Agreed, but Chrome doesn’t launch unnecessary processes or freeze occasionally for me. The processes are for virtualizing each tab and extension.

    Opera is indeed fast and extensible, I think the chubby part had to do with how many features it provides (email client, torrent downloader, etc.)

    Safari is definitely not like Catwoman, at least in Windows.

    I agree with your perception of Internet Explorer.

  • I really don’t get this one. And I wouldn’t envision any of the browsers the way they’re being shown.

    Is Chrome supposed to be lithe? It’s not, it’s pretty heavy. I know it’s the browser du jour, but it’s heavy, launches several processes unnecessarily, freezes occasionally.

    What does a chubby Wonder Woman have to do with Opera?

    And what does the most insecure browser Safari, even more than IE, have to do with whoever that is?

    Firefox, I suppose I sort of get, but I’d image it to be a little more of a Frankenstein’s monster too.

    IE would be more of a dorky inept kid trying to fit in, not a mutant.

  • thegreenwizard

    I pick her first. And after I use Comodo Dragon.

  • Doru

    For me,now,the best is Torch.I replace Chrome with Torch .