When asked why he joined the army, a soldier replied with this hilarious joke [Image]

Okay, before everyone gets all anti-war or pro-armed-forces on me, let me say this isn’t a post about war or soldiers or fighting. This is a post about a joke. A joke written by a new recruit to the army (presumably US Army). So put your bickering aside and laugh it up.

There is a Basic Training Sergeant out there somewhere (don’t know who he is — he posted randomly to Imgur) that asks all his new recruits to write him a short letter (one or two paragraphs) explaining why they (the recruits) joined the army. One of this recruits replied with the following (and be sure to read through the end — the joke at the end is hilarious); check it out:


“Door… Mordor… Gondor.” ROFLMAO!

[via Reddit]

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