China is “the most sophisticated and prolific” hacker of foreign firms, says Google’s Eric Schmidt


An upcoming book co-authored by Google’s Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen was previewed by The Wall Street Journal, and it looks like China’s reputation as of late isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The book is called The New Digital Age, and it says that China is the  “the most sophisticated and prolific” hacker of foreign firms, as well as “the world’s most active and enthusiastic filterer of information.” The book also talks about the Chinese government’s alleged involvement with infrastructure provider Huawei, which it believes will put the US at “an economic and political disadvantage” because “the United States will not take the same path of digital corporate espionage, as its laws are much stricter (and better enforced) and because illicit competition violates the American sense of fair play.”

Also mentioned is the dangers posed by the country’s “mix of active citizens armed with technological devices and tight government control…” Schmidt and Cohen believe that it is extremely volatile, could cause widespread instability and might even result in “some kind of revolution in the coming decades.” Yikes. If you’re interested in reading more of what the men from Google have to say, the book will be out in April. For more of the preview, hit up the source link!

Do you think the book is on to something here? Or are they just paranoid? Comment and let us know!

[via The Wall Street Journal, Engadget, image via Charles Haynes]

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