Is it a boat or a car? [Image]

How many dotTechies are car people? (Or maybe I should ask how many dotTechies are car guys. No offense ladies.) And by car people I mean not just admiring exotic (and sometimes not so exotic) vehicles but also having the skill, knowledge, and desire to repair, build, and customize cars. If you are, then please tell me if the following is a boat or a car; check it out:


My keen sense of deduction tells me it is a car shaped and dressed like boat, but I’m not the expert here.

[via Reddit]

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  1. K Lewis

    Don’t drive down a road where the tires are lower than the side of the vehicle or you’ll be wishing there was water around.
    I bet this was a single guy that loves to leave work and go to the water just as soon as he is finished at work. Or he did it just to tick off his nosey neighbors and leaves it sit out in the driveway so people will slow down to look.
    I wonder if the top reclines. That would make it look even more like a boat. A “carvertiboat”!!