“Things to do when the Internet is down” [Comic]

The justification behind Google’s browser-based Chrome OS is that out of all the things people do on the computer, most of it is on the Internet. I don’t know about everyone else, but it is true; most (99.999999999%) of my time spent on my computer requires an active Internet connection. Indeed, I cannot live without the Internet. I’m sure most dotTechie are the same way. So what happens when Internet connection is lost? What to do? Check it out:



[via Pleated-Jeans, Geeks are Sexy]

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  1. JMJ

    [@Tom] FINALLY! Someone I can relate to. I get much better distance using a soccer kick as opposed to the American-football kick I used to use. Do you find the same to be true? Of course, with kittens it hardly matters… negligible air resistance, you know.

    You’re obviously a sharp, cool guy and probably already know this but, just in case: If you’re within 4 ft (1.2m) of an Little Old Lady (68 years old, minimum) when you zip past at 70mph (113 kmph) while she’s pushing her week’s worth of groceries home in a shopping cart, you’re guaranteed to get a soul-satisying minimum 3ft (1 m) vertical jump out of the Old Girl. To feel even better, I blow my horn loudly as I pass and KNOW there’ll be an adult-diaper change in her near future.

    Nice making your acquaintance. They let me out on February 10th. When were you released?

  2. JMJ

    [@Ashraf] You really take care of your readers, don’t you, Ashraf? I see that, just in case a meteor strikes us, you’ve tested the Emergency dotTech Broadcasting System. If the Interent is also down, can I assume you will be snail-mailing us individually?

    What I will do while I wait for the postman is to tune into my Country’s governmental channel, CSPAN, and let the politicians make me laugh myself to sleep.

  3. Kelltic

    They forgot Clean the House, and Work in the Yard :D

    I only spend about 10% of my computer time on the internet (unless you count Pandora, which I can do without just fine). BUT – the few times I’ve had the computer in the fixit shop – Horrible.