5 tricks for faster and more secure Wi-Fi [Tip]

wifiGetting access to faster and more secure Wi-Fi is one issue that frustrates all Internet users. You are always left wondering how Wi-Fi can be provided a boost for faster Internet reception. There are numerous tricks to achieving a faster and more secure Wi-Fi connection. Five of these are listed below.

Tips on How to Get Faster and More Secure Wi-Fi

Use the right channel: Routers available nowadays are more adaptable to operate on various channels. So it is always good to choose the correct channel having minimum interference. Trying to tune it manually to select the channel connected to less busy routers will help to improve the speed of your Wi-Fi connection.

Select the maximum speed: Always use latest hardware. Check the specifications of your devices. Use devices that give you the fastest possible speeds like the latest wireless AC or wireless N. Wireless A, wireless B and wireless G are all old and very slow. So for maximum speed, a wireless AB router coupled with a wireless AB card within your PC can be used. In addition, it is good to check the speed of the Internet connection by running speed tests.

Setting priority of devices for a faster and more secure Wi-Fi connection: Routers manufactured these days have the facility to prioritize devices based on the bandwidth they require. This can make a great difference in making sure that you have faster and more secure Wi-Fi. Different routers use different methods to implement this technology known as Wi-Fi Multimedia or WMM. By giving priority to applications, you can give higher bandwidth to applications that are very important. Examples of applications hogging your bandwidth include video chats, online movies, online games etc.

Ensure proper security for your Wi-Fi: Every Wi-Fi has different levels of security that has to be verified in the Wi-Fi’s security settings. Different levels of security available are WEP, WPA and so on. You should set a limit to the number of devices that can be connected to your system. It is always better to lock your Wi-Fi with the best security in compliance with the security recommendations.

Upgrade your firmware: You can also get a faster and more secure Wi-Fi connection with better compatibility by upgrading your firmware. For this, you can download the latest releases from manufacturer’s sites by following their clear cut instructions and procedures for installation, use good firewalls and isolating clients.

In addition to these tricks for faster and more secure Wi-Fi, there are many other ways to improve the speed of your connection. They are placing your router in an open space in the middle of your home with minimal obstructions and walls, avoiding interference and blocking of signal from other appliances, converting an old router to a Wi-Fi repeater, scheduling it for rebooting, using additional hardware, using hybrid modems and so on.

If your Internet connection is slow, signal reception is poor or for any other Wi-Fi related issue, you can follow our five simple tricks for a faster and more secure Wi-Fi.

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