Hilarious video shows what happens the first time a person uses a computer, after being accustomed to a typewriter [Video]


I am too young to have ever used a typewriter. However, I have seen plenty of typewriters in action courtesy Hollywood (I know, I know — not the same). One thing in particular I have noticed about typewriters is how the typist has to manually move onto the next line by resetting the thingamajig (at least on the older ones; I believe the newer news don’t behave this way). Now imagine a person who has always used a typewriter using a computer; what could go wrong? Check it out:


[via Pleated-Jeans]

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  1. jayesstee

    The “thingamajig” is the “carriage return lever” AKA the “return lever”.
    The carriage is the moving assembly carrying the (typed on) paper and the two rolls gripping the paper.
    Each character typed would advance the carriage one space along, until at a certain number of spaces from the end, a warning bell would be struck to advise the typist that there was limited room to type a longish word.
    The “platen” was the roller against which the paper was held (and struck by the type) – part of the carriage assembly.

  2. Shawn

    I was expecting liquid paper…

    What’s sad is that this would of not of surprised me at all in a office… and cosidering some of those typewriters needed one heck of a whack a montior that small is nothing to the weight ratio.

  3. V

    “I am too young to have ever used a typewriter.”

    Having grown up with both a typewriter and a slide rule, that is indeed a depressing statement… Guess I know how those who used to travel by horse felt after the automobile was in use for 20 years.

    Here’s a thought: What will those not yet born be saying *they* are too young to have ever used when *you* reach your 60’s? Sobering, no? Probably not for you yet, but some day it will be.