Samsung’s first teaser video for Galaxy S4 is really, really bad [Video]


You know who just showed off how do to do teasers, followed with an intense build-up to a successful event that was viewed live by millions online? Sony. They did it just over two weeks ago, so I don’t understand how Samsung could totally botch the first teaser video for their next flagship phone so badly. See for yourself:

At first I thought that maybe it could be kind of cute at least — but then that music came in and it all just kept going downhill. But hey, maybe the phone will be the most awesome Android phone of all time but just have an excruciatingly bad teaser campaign to precede its announcement. It might not matter at all actually. But come on Samsung, you can do better than this.

Samsung will be announcing the next Galaxy S phone at event in New York two weeks from now, on March 14th.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Ashraf
    Mr. Boss

    It this was a different company, I’d say the ad is OK. However, from Samsung — the company who has been kicking ass and taking names with its ads over the past couple of years — I am disappointed.

    Thanks Enrique!