What a terrible keyboard design [Image]


\Talk about typos…

I wonder what possessed HP to make such a keyboard. I know different geographical areas have different types of keyboards but this doesn’t appear to match any particular type. HP either has a really bad sense of humor or poor quality control which resulted in mislabeling of keys. Maybe both.

[via Reddit]

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  • AT

    I have a HP laptop and this is the same keyboard layout. Personally, I would rather have the old AT layout. It just felt right.

  • Becca

    Its the American layout, the UK keyboard has the @ and ” swapped. Also ours goes 3/£, 4/$.

  • jayesstee

    [@naveed] UK keyboards still have a “£” sign above (shift) the “3” key.   (We haven’t been “euro”-ed yet!)

  • Correction: It seems to be an adaptation of the UK layout. Possibly so they can use the UK and US layouts without having to change the physical keys.

    But, a horrid layout for sure.

  • I think this is a foreign but English keyboard layout.

  • Mags

    Actually this isn’t the worst. If you want to see the worst keyboard design ever, check out the below link for the IBM PC Jr. chiclet keyboard.