Awesome photo taken from the top of a mountain [Amazing Photo of the Day]



It isn’t entirely clear which mountain this photo was taken at but the person who took the photo says s/he took it because his/her sister “challenged me to take an epic photo in the mountains”. Challenge accepted and beat, if you ask me.

[via Reddit]

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  • onedeafeye

    Looking at the poles in the left hand, I’d guess skier.

  • EOS

    This image is taken at Whistler Mountain ski resort, British Columbia, Canada, north of the city of Vancouver. The person is really a skier or snowboarder (can’t really make the boots out well, but he has a helmet on), & who just got off the Peak Chairlift, either directly behind the person, or not far away. The small distant peak to the right is the called the Black Tusk, remnants of a volcano core.

    Nice image, but can be made so easily by nearly anyone who goes up the chairlift.