I believe the proper term for this is “tigerback” [Amazing Photo of the Day]


I wonder if this actually happened or is from a movie/photoshopped.

[via Imgur]

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  • jayesstee

    [@JMJ]  I agree with you.
    I always do when I don’t understand.  Thanks for yet another LOL!

  • JMJ

    [@jayesstee] What “edit facility” ?
    I double-checked and found that what look like typos are really due to the IP4 -> IP6 translations necessitated by debuffering of the overflows from the DNS stack inherent in the reverse subnet masks as interpreted by HOSTS files when accessing IP Addresses from Zero-to-Eleventeen Bazillion. In other words, you and I didn’t (can’t?) goof; the Internet must be broken. ;-)

    @Ashraf: Where DID the edit facility go?

  • jayesstee

    [@jayesstee] Guess who misses the edit facility?

  • jayesstee

    Thanks JMJ you read it correctly, I was NOT,/b> supporting any such idea of fakery.   I get rather tired of the group who regularly accuse ‘amazing-photo-of-the-day’ articles of being ‘photo-shopped’.   Now I’m back to the homework!

  • JMJ

    Geez! All jayesstee said was, that, *IF* the image was indeed ‘Photoshopped’, *THEN* it could have been done only by someone so highly skilled that s/he could make a good living with those skills. I agree, don’t you?

    I can’t find one so, if you have found a link to the backstory of the photo, please share it with me/us?


  • Mike

    Its a real pic from the Tiger zoo in Thailand,NOT photoshop, please don’t talk unless you know what you are talking about

  • jayesstee

    If it is a fake, then the guy who did it will always make a good living with that level of skill.
    Keep up the big cat pics., please Ashraf!

  • Susanne

    I want one!

  • riya

    I don’t know whether its fake or not.. but its cute :)