The real reason why less and less people watch TV [Comic]


I’d bet many people agree with this sentiment.

[via Mashable]

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  • citizenearth

    But TV is required to watch reality TV shows, isn’t it??? I know we can watch any shows on PC/Mac via Internet nowadays, anyway it can’t beat TV for more comfortable viewing.

  • Anonymail

    If I didn’t have a DVR, I wouldn’t watch anything!!
    The commercials are taking more and more time! I watched an old episode of ER that I had on DVD, didn’t take out the commercials, and there were about 5, now I watch regular tv and there are about 11! Ridiculous!

  • TxnBob70

    Amen, brother. But you forgot, Zorro, Lone Ranger and Tonto, Jack Benny (and his smart-aleck) puppets. How about Red Skelton.

    It’s to the point that they take out time from the commercials to let you see a 1 minute segment of the show. I timed it the other night 17 minutes of commercials in a 30 minute program.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    A DVR is essential for television viewing in today’s world. If we didn’t have one for each TV, I doubt I’d watch much of anything.

    Reality TV is for people who like to watch train wrecks… all the shows follow pretty much the same formula, with the main ingredient always being a heavy dose of conflict. Kind of like an episode of CSI, actually… each one is pretty much the same as the ones before, with the main differences being supporting characters and dialogue.

  • davidroper

    yep,, but she moved to another state. LMAO

  • B@skelli

    Yeah, reality TV can be very boring indeed, however, that is a matter of personal taste and IMHO not the real problem.
    The reason, why I am watching television extremely seldom and in very rare occasions only, are those bloody commercials and program forecasts, which rips the actual program apart into many pieces and – by far – take up the biggest part of the broadcasting time!

    Can you imagine anything else which is more annoying than that?

  • davidroper

    Reality TV will never replace Dean and Jerry, Sealtest Big top, Winky Dink, Howdy Doody and Soupy sales.