How did someone hang a monitor from power lines…? [Image]


I believe this is the perfect moment to say: WTF?

[via Reddit]

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  • Jordan

    [@Merlin] lol

  • Chad Sanborn

    its the latest version of Apple TV.

  • Peter

    Because it would not work hanging from a clothes line?

  • Merlin

    Is that thing ‘monitoring’ the power lines?

  • Eduardo

    [@muhammad] Silly boy.

  • Warb

    Yea WTF. And whats with the thing hanging underneath? The light might running off Electromagnetic induction from the power wires, hence the large metal hook. And the light will never run/go out. Cool man.

  • RogueBase

    Oh, and if a child is reading this… why? Child being defined as not a teenager, not a young adult, someone who as not yet hit their teens. I’m sure there are alot more things they have going on in their heads than this.

  • RogueBase

    With all the crap, paranoia, mistrust, joblessness, political screw-ups and the average Joe in general being treated like an idiot by officials, corporations, our own governments, I believe a simple thing like “WTF” is perfectly acceptable.

  • davidroper

    …and Susanne, my wife, clean mouthed, and a grandmother of 5 accidentally dropped the F bomb in front of my 13 year old grandson the other day. He just smiled while she was apologizing to him. I guess I caused it. I always get blamed she says, for pushing her buttons, etc.

    Thanks for the What’s This For? Love it. Ashraf can breathe easy now. DotTech gets him “up tight” enough. LOL

  • Susanne

    A suggestion for the delicate flowers amongst us: pretend it means What’s This For?, and get over it. I’m probably old enough to be your granny, and I use the phrase — whole words, mind, none of the sissy acronym stuff — every day, & the sky hasn’t fallen in on me yet.

  • Bruce Fraser


    It’s Ashraf’s tagline, right below the photo (or below the ad, below the photo).

  • davidroper


    I would rather see WTF than the real words, But I don’t even see it in this thread.

    I agree with you, Muhammed. But, where is this Combi of letters?

  • muhammad

    why people use the following acronym WTF!!! i know you will say to show dismay or shock !!! yes i am shocked now

    i was proud that i am a member in this forum due to the polite way of expressions used but now i guess am not.

  • KMHamm

    It’s a new app.

  • davidroper

    Tee Shirts, okay. Shoes, maybe. Monitors, no. It’s just wrong.