If only this domino set made up of 10,000 iPhone 5s was real [Video]


The animators over at San Francisco-based Aatma Studio have made a concept for an iPhone 5S commercial — yep, an iPhone that may or may not exist in the near future. In it, the studio has imagined that one of the newest features Apple would add to its iPhone would be NFC, allowing them to communicate with each other in close proximity.

Oh, and they also decided to line up 10,000 of these imaginary NFC-equipped iPhone 5Ss to form what would probably be the most expensive domino set of ever. It’s just too bad that the whole thing isn’t actually real, because the phones are computer-generated. But pretend I didn’t tell you that, and enjoy the video:

But you know what, it’s actually still pretty cool even if those weren’t real phones. The concept is interesting (the ending was awesome!) and as evidenced by it’s more than a million views, it got people’s attention. Now if only Apple would use some of its money and do this for real.

[via Kotaku]

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