Do you have a Hotmail (,, or e-mail address? Refresh your password now! 10,000+ Hotmail accounts got hacked.

Apparently an “anonymous user” posted the login credentials (username and password) of over 10,000 Hotmail accounts on Hotmail accounts include,, and e-mails.

Microsoft, which has confirmed the story, says this is likely the result of a wide spread phishing scam. To help affected users, Microsoft is “taking measures to block access to all of the accounts that were exposed and have resources in place to help those users reclaim their accounts”. Microsoft wants you to fill out a form to reclaim your account if it was one of the ones hacked.

According to reports, users with the usernames from “ar” to “bl” are the ones affected. So if your Hotmail username is between “ar” and “bl”, expect to be locked out of your account (in which case you should fill out the form). Even if you are not one of the ones affected, consider refreshing your Hotmail password anyway.

[via ArsTechina]

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  • liliana

    Me gusta conocer nuevos amigos

  • Sophia

    This happend to me, and i don’t know what to do. Keeps showing up to me that i have to confirme my password (something like that), in :
    PLEASE HELP ME! I’m clicking in “fil out the form”, but it’s not working (ERROR).

  • thank you for note

  • DA

    it was alot more than ar – bl

  • God

    Obviously a fuck-up on Microsoft’s part. No way a phishing scam only and specifically got the usernames from ar to bl.

    Likely an employee or a REALLY 1337 hacker.

    Respect to the latter.

  • Pseudo

    It would be nice to see a five year minimum sentence for hackers and other similar event vandals. Becoming Bubba’s sweet heart and cell pet may appeal to a few.