Man tickles a tiger [Amazing Photo of the Day]


How many would have the guts to do this?

Oh, and this isn’t faked. It is real; it took place at the same Tiger Temple we saw in an Amazing Photo of the Day last year where a monk was sharing his lunch with a tiger.

[via Kish]

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  • Geert

    My wish: hope to do this once in my lifetime (and then die peacefully after the tiger attacked me… :-) :-) :-) )!

    I’m jealous about the lucky dude who has been able to do this! :-)

  • riya

    I guess the tigers there are friendly and are used to be around humans. I would love to visit that place but will stay at a safe distance.

  • Jim-1

    The part that take guts is to stop and try to walk away! :-)