Acer is teasing a brand new laptop with a tilting screen using… Star Trek? [Video]


If you’re a sci-fi geek, you probably already have May 3rd circled on your calendar so you can plan your overnight campout for Star Trek Into Darkness. And it looks like Acer, in one of the stranger promotional tie-ins of recent memory, might also want to sell you a laptop! At least, I think it’s a laptop — it was acting kind of like a spaceship the last time I saw it.

In its brief appearance in the video, you might have noticed that the screen of the device appears to tilt quite unlike the conventional laptop. Engadget notes that it’s actually quite similar to that of a desktop monitor, and that it’s most likely meant to improve the comfort of using it as a touchscreen — current laptops that have touchscreens force you to awkwardly reach out, making it uncomfortable for extended use.

But is that really how we’re gonna make this whole touchscreen thing work on our computers? Or does the transforming PC make more sense? We’ll find out May 3rd, when reveals their “unique notebook.”

Or we’ll be too busy watching Star Trek.

[via Engadget]

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