The danger of wearing iPhone-controlled vibrating underwear [Comic]



The comic doesn’t explicitly state it but it is referring to the Fundawear, a vibrating underwear controlled by iPhone.

[via Joy of Tech]

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  • AT

    What if he wasn’t wearing them backwards? LOL

  • Ashraf

    [@kevbo] Ditto.

    [@Bruce] Thanks, fixed. #fail

    [@RogueBase] Thank you for the kind words. However, I don’t mind people calling out typos. In fact, I appreciate it — I hate proofreading and would love for people to point out my typos.

  • RogueBase

    giggle, ‘He’ put them on backwards ….. go figure ;)

    ps – Give Ash a break ffs, 98’5% of us read typo perfectly well, no need to be knobby about a typo

  • Bruce

    Check for typo – ‘understand’?

  • kevbo

    Too funny.