MacBook Pro is “the best Windows PC on the market”, according to report


Tired of constant crashes and blue-screens on your PCs? The answer to your problem might not be one you’d expect. The computer that would offer the most trouble-free operation wasn’t even designed to run Windows — Apple’s MacBook Pro.

Soluto, a PC remote management tool provider, has released their first PC purchasing guide for small businesses. In it, the 13-inch MacBook Pro ranks first among the “Best Performing Windows Laptops”:

The MacBook Pro is the most expensive PC among the top 3, but if you’re looking for top reliability – the data is clear. MacBook Pro is the best Windows PC on the market.

To come up with this rating, Soluto performed a study analyzing a significant amount of data — 1,346,000 boots, 62,476 hours spent on boot, 224,144 crashes, 250,791 hangs, and 84,251 blue-screens to be exact. After analyzing the data, they then used “frustration analytics” to determine the computer that was the most reliable.

Acer’s Aspire E1-571 came in second, while Dell’s XPS13 came in third. In fact, the top 9 spots are dominated by Apple, Dell, and Acer. Coming in at number at 10 is Lenovo’s Thinkpad X1 Carbon while HP, ASUS and Samsung don’t even crack the list.


While it might look like a no-brainer now to purchase a MacBook for your next laptop, it’s not without its issues. The first and most obvious being the price. The 13-inch MacBook Pro indeed topped the list, but that laptop starts at $1,199 and Acer’s Aspire E1-571 which came in second, is priced at an extremely more affordable $429. Soluto also admits that one of the advantages Apple computers have over the competition when running Windows is that it has clean installations as opposed to the ones shipped with most laptops, which carry bloatware from manufacturers.

So even if we haven’t answered the eternal question of whether PCs are better than Macs or vice versa, there’s one thing I can say for sure:

Bloatware, or crapware as some call it, is a problem. The fresh installs of Windows on Macs proves further that without it, every PC would be better off. So just stop it. Seriously.

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