Incredible oasis in the Chinese Gobi desert [Amazing Photo of the Day]




That is Crescent Lake in China, in the Gobi desert.

[via Reddit, Richard Towell (1) (2)]

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  • Col. Panek

    I’d rather shovel snow than sand.

  • RogueBase

    [@Susanne] I believe if I could afford that I could afford someone(s) to guard the door and reject those not on my allowed list….lol

  • Niles

    Wonderful Photoshop job indeed mates!

  • Susanne

    [@RogueBase] My thought this morning, exactly! But do you want to bet that within hours of your moving there, relatives you never knew you had would be turning up at the door looking for a free bed? Then you’re stuck in the middle of the Gobi with ’em!

  • Anonymail

    Yep, I’d be happy there as well!
    As long as there is internet! LOL

  • RogueBase

    Yes ….. Yes, I do believe I could live there quite happily. Older I get the more of a loner I become lol