The irony of Windows 8 [Image]


I’m not sure if irony is the right word to describe it, but it sure is funny.

[via MakeUseOf]

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  • Rick

    I’m surprised to hear that your batch files won’t work. Bummer. Got a link to info on that? I use bash for most of my scripting, using Cygwin on Windows, but I do some batch files too. Of course they now offer Powershell but it’s a very different concept, requiring you to learn fundamentally different stuff to do the same stuff.

    Hahahahah Bob, who can forget that? I was working as a PC tech in retail and, to avoid having to deal with it on our store-built computers, we were just taking the bundled Bob CDs right out of the box. I still have one somewhere.

    As for Linux looking clean and nice these days, that’s a mixed bag. I use it on my desktop and have been an on-and-off desktop user since 1994 (as well as pretty much non-stop server usage), and it’s really great in so many ways, but it does have a bit of a convergent evolution issue going on…same results, same problems. When you make it as pretty and as capable it is bound to have as many problems. I’ve found the same with Mac OS X, too. Neither is the panacea to Windows that many like to think.

    That all said, in linux (and Cygwin and the BSD-based Mac OS X) you will definitely find far, far more programs for use in character mode that do modern tasks. You might want to give Cygwin a try. You can even install sshd for complete remote character-mode functionality and screen to enhance that (and let you reconnect sessions).

    vandamme, apt-cache search and apt-get install are SO much easier and faster than anything else when you know exactly what you want. I’ve recently started using Software Center instead of going straight to google first when I don’t know, though.

  • I used to scoff at (and be afraid of) the command line, but (for instance) I found that sometimes it’s faster to hit t for a terminal, then sudo apt-get install xxxxxxxx; rather than turn on the Software Center, hunt for xxxxxxx, then click install. Precious seconds saved.

    Of course, on Windows I used to have to check it for malware, in addition to installing.

    And yes, I like the Fisher-Price/AOL 1995 look of Windows 8, because it will make more converts to Linux.

    Right now I’m trying Unity again, but I may just go to Gnome, Cinnamon, or even E17. It’s not for everyone. Not bad on a widescreen where there’s room for it.

  • David Roper

    Thanks, rick. i just read where my Batch files will not work in Win 7 64, Drats.

    and I like your reference to Desqview Gui. I also remember when MS tried to push BOB on us with the Gui of an office that he worked in, complete with Bookcases Clock, Tables, Filecabinets and such silly crap. Love remembering it now with Win 8. LOL.

    …and yes, Linux looks very clean and nice these days. I just haven’t thrown my hands up high enough yet.

  • Rick

    David, Microsoft has been bringing back command line power and there’s so much more you can do in newer versions of Windows. However, you might also consider linux, where there are still a lot of applications available for those who prefer CLI.

    Anyway, more on-topic, if you ask me Metro looks like Desqview, a GUI from decades ago…or maybe a child’s toy. Luckily it is easily avoided (and the Start menu replaced) using small, free, third-party utilities, leaving a version of Windows that’s finally better than XP (Vista/7 fail).

  • David Roper

    I want to go back to DOS 5.0 where I could control things with an autoexec,bat file and the Environment variables. I had more control. Just sayin’