• davidroper

    I think this is done in some places but wouldn’t it be good for all print jobs to be stored (until they print) on a Solid state drive and issued with password or code issued for the job to be printed at the printer. The user would have to wait but printers are pretty fast these days in the corp world.

    Tell me now, those of you still working for a living, is this done now or new?

  • citizenearth

    Maybe it’s time printer technology need to be upgraded? Like automatically stop working or receiving cues when something go wrong at the printer?

  • AT

    [@David Roper] The computer labs I used when I was in school had the same thing happen all the time. Most of the time it was the printer being left offline after someone printed and the print cue getting maxed out. Then one of us had to go in and clear the print cue. Even if we yelled it out to NOT send any print jobs until the cue is cleared, some idiot from another class would be sending in 5 of the same thing. And we were all in the same room.

  • David Roper

    What I used to “love” was the secretary who had 10 print jobs piled up behinf each other in the queue because the first one never started. So, she or he kept hitting the print key. After about 15 minutes, THEN they called me to fix. Laughing now but not back then. ;-)