• David Roper

    Go ahead and tell us how to remove them safely, O exalted great one, I need to know…and others, too, the secrets you hold. ;-)

  • Timetski

    My kid just showed me how to remove discs easily without risk of damaging them. I’ve been using CD/DVD discs since they first appeared on the market. I’ve noticed that, generally, discs are more difficult to remove then in they were years ago. I suspect case makers have done this on purpose (after thorough testing) knowing that the life-cycle of discs will be shortened. Or is this just my personal conspiracy theory.:)

  • Dale Dixon

    [@davidroper] What I’m saying is that anyone over about 10 wouldn’t do this.

  • davidroper

    [@Dale Dixon]

    Dale, don’t worry about growing up. I am 69 years old and I broke one the other day. I guess I am not grown up yet either.

  • Dale Dixon

    Surely a part of growing up is learning that forcing things breaks them?

  • citizenearth

    Yeah, I really don’t understand why some digital disc producers make it really hard to get the disc out from its holding place?! Maybe they want us to experience the bendability of the disc?

  • davidroper

    Ah, I get it. I have broken a CD getting one out myself.

  • Jennifer

    plastic death grip

  • davidroper

    Sorry. I don’t get it.