“Low-cost” computer from 1979 for “under $10,000” [Image]


I especially like how you can upgrade for “up to 22 megabytes of disk storage”.

[via MakeUseOf]

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  • Eduardo

    In 1983, I bought an Apple IIE with two external disk drives 5.5 inches for $3.000; then added an Apple Imagewriter printer. They’re still in good working conditions.

  • David Roper


    Well, your comment just made me buy a TRS 64k Color Computer for $29.95. I started out with one that was 4k Ram.

  • oldtimer56

    There is a store on ebay that sells old working computers, ought to see the prices….

    Vintage Computer Museum Services is the name….

  • David Roper

    Greg, they still have those in Mother Earth News. I just sent mine off for 3 circles.

  • greg

    “Circle 135 on reader service card”. I remember those.

  • David Roper

    And I bought a 1K Sinclair. Later to become a Timex with same specs for only $100, way kess than the $250 I paid.

  • AFPhy6

    This was a system I drooled over when I first saw the ad. The Z80 and full FORTRAN IV really helped make the difference. [@Tom Dells] That was a joke of course: the operating system was CP/M, not any version of Windows or DOS. If IBM had chosen to use CP/M and the Z80 to base their PC on, it is likely that the plague of malware would never have become as prominent as it did.

  • Louis

    “Of course, there’s the all-metal cabinet. Rugged. Solid.”


  • Tom Dells

    Add Windows 0,5 for only $1900 !!