• David Roper

    Looks like someone threw a MENTOS into the Bay of Coke.

  • JonE

    I have to agree with [@Col. Panek]. Many years gone by I used to watch “dust devils” with amazement, in the desert, while stationed at Nellis, AFB. Most “dust devils” are not that big and are fun to watch as they dance, hop, and skip across the desert, occasionally uprooting a sage bush. But they are not all small and I’ve seen some pretty big ones, but I’ve never seen one this big; this one looks like it could do some damage.

  • etim

    Aliens. Again.
    No doubt suckin’ up a few more tasty Canadians for Sunday brunch.

  • Col. Panek

    Waterspouts and “dust devils” are more common and much less destructive than a big tornado, but they can look scary.

    Or, maybe it’s caused by the HAARP Tesla Death ray.

  • Peter

    It’s a waterspout.