[iPhone] Have garage sales on VarageSale instead of your front lawn

Screen shot 2013-06-02 at 3.23.43 PMI don’t know about you guys, but in our neck of the woods, summer is peak yard sale season. Whether it’s a cramped garage filled with knick knacks and electronics, or a yard festooned with old paperbacks and kid’s toys, summer is always the best time to get great deals on other people’s junk. That being said, summer is a hot time of year, and sitting in the blazing sun while people judge your castoffs can be kind of a frustrating way to spend a summer afternoon. For people who’d rather sell their old stuff without having an actual garage sale, there’s an app called VarageSale.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

VarageSale is an iPhone app that can be used to buy or sell various sundry items. On the App Store page, the developers boast that this marketplace is a “friendly, fun and non-threatening environment.”


  • Simple interface makes it easy to scroll and browse dozens of items in a flash
  • Excellent listing structure makes it simple to see everything at a glance: who’s selling it, where they are, and what the asking price is
  • “Like” or comment on any given item
  • VarageSale will not post anything to your Facebook page without your permission
  • Friendly, personable support


  • You must be willing to log in with Facebook in order to use this app, which may alienate Facebook haters or anyone who wants to limit the number of apps that have access to their Facebook credentials
  • Currently, the app only supports the English language


mzl.kmaaqlnl.320x480-75If you have experienced VarageSale as a web community, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how well the service has been adapted to an iPhone layout. It’s really simple to look around and get information on any pieces that catch your eye.

If you had previously tried this app and been disappointed with the bugginess of the VarageSale interface, there’s some good news. As of Version 1.4.2 (at this time, the most recent version of VarageSale), a bunch of bug fixes have been implemented. This makes the browsing experience a lot more enjoyable.

Unlike Craigslist, there’s no anonymity here. That might irk some privacy-obsessed users, but for many, having a profile associated with items puts a friendly face on each sale…and that’s kind of nice!

One minor thing that I’d like to see in future updates would be some added languages. For communities that are heavily bi-lingual (such as along the US-Mexico border, or in cities with Chinatown communities), having support for more than just English would increase user interest. It would also be cool to see this app eventually offer a translation feature, enabling people who live in a bilingual community but who aren’t actually bilingual to sell and buy from their neighbors, despite language barriers.

Conclusion and download link

If you find Craiglist to be too sketchy, eBay to be too crowded, and real-life garage sales too stressful, VarageSale may be the online community marketplace for you. Despite being accessible by Facebook login alone, this well-designed app is well worth checking out.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 1.4.2

Supported OS: Requires iOS 5.1 or later

Download size: 6.0 MB

VarageSale on Apple App Store

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  • Leon Pacocha

    Dude! this unit is stolen from http://tinyurl.com/nqod3vh

  • ann montgomery

    I looked at Varagesale but found it very frustrating to use. I moved my group over to Clamour. It is so much better than Facebook Groups. They treat me really well and my users love it. Highly recommend. 5 Stars

  • Why Not Local

    Want to see your local news companies lose money fast? Want to lose control of the advertising to your local market? I wouldn’t just hand over something so valuable to a company that has nothing to do with your local community.

  • Not Buying It

    Bad idea. Who are these people? Why would they care one bit about YOUR COMMUNITY? Get with a local IT company & have someone create a classifieds site that is locally owned and operated. It’s not expensive & your local businesses and residents will benefit far more from a locally operated site than this varagesale thing. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and sell out to this and you’ll find out what a mistake it is. As an IT service provider myself, I advise you not to be sucked into this trap. Keep your business local. Keep your community IN YOUR COMMUNITY.

  • Priscilla Harden


  • Ben Jacked

    I love VS. It’s much better than the old boring fb groups. Much easier for buying and selling. Their tech support is also amazing! Seamless app. 5 stars!

  • maggie

    [@Tony] contact tech support on VS! they are wonderful to deal with and could maybe answer your question! :)

  • Lizzie

    Sell used smart phones here http://www.yourmobileplace.com

  • Tony

    Using iPhone 5, latest software and latest varagesale but for some reason varagesale uses my mobile data and not my wifi. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Tammy O.


    Just wanted to say that I have members in my group who ONLY have Facebook accounts to utilize our group because they love it. They have their page settings to “Just Me” and do not use their page for any other purpose but our VarageSale group. :)

  • Tammy O.

    I’ve been with VarageSale since Nov. 2012 and I can’t say enough about the developers, the reliability, the ease of use, and how MUCH BETTER it is than Facebook groups alone. I love the personal touch of Facebook to see who you are dealing with – a huge advantage over Craigslist, etc. These groups are COMMUNITY-minded so you know many of the people you deal with. Tech Support is phenomenal and the iPhone Mobile App and the Android Mobile App are fantastic. Even if someone doesn’t want to be “IN” Facebook, they could just have a private profile, as some of my fellow members do in my group. The developers are class acts and I can’t recommend this highly enough as an Admin of a group and someone who enjoys community buying and selling.

  • DubLuvR

    I love, love, love VarageSale! It’s so much better than craigslist or those broken fb groups. Simply put; VarageSale is a bad ass.

  • ZPowell

    VarageSale has been amazing. It’s easy to navigate. The creators are amazing people that have given the buying/selling FB communities something really great. I love this app and am so happy to be a part of it! There have been no glitches, no pictures disappearing, no problems finding posts or pictures. Everything is located by category. My stuff is easily found every time. A million thanks to the dedicated VS team that is always quick to respond whenever I have a question!

  • THamilton

    Since I am COMPLETELY creeped out by Craigslist, VarageSale is EXACTLY what I need to buy and sell in my community. It is one of the least invasive FB apps out there, accessing only name, profile pic, Location (can be edited separately on VS preferences), email address (for notifications, not for distribution) and friends list (for showing you how you are connected to others).

    You can easily shop by category or by keyword search. Access from iphone or android mobile app, PC browser or mobile device browser.

    This app blows FB buy/sell groups away.

  • maggie froese

    VarageSale is amazing!!! absolutely love it!!!! :)

  • AFPhy6

    “You must be willing to log in with Facebook in order to use this app” …

    Terminates my interest. Thanks for the heads up and saving me from further investing my time.