Google makes official stock Android keyboard available on Play Store, download it now


Why, this was a pleasant little surprise. If you’re unhappy with the virtual keyboard that comes default on some Android phones like HTC or Samsung, you might have downloaded one of the many available replacements like Swype. But if Google’s stock Android keyboard is what you’ve been eyeing, now you won’t need a Nexus device to have it (or a stock Galaxy S4 and stock HTC One).


The app brings with it all the features that’s in Jelly Bean, namely gesture typing, voice typing, and next-word suggestions and current-word completions. It’s available for both phones and tablets and it is of course, free. You can find the Google Keyboard on the Google Play Store or you can use the link below; just take note — it only works on devices running Android 4.0 and higher.

Google Keyboard on Google Play Store

[via Android (Google+)]

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