‘The Emperor’ is a futuristic work chair that costs $21,000 [Image]





This chair, built by MWE Lab, includes a stand that can hold up to five monitors, a Bose sound system, reclining seat made of Italian leather, a base that rotates, and the most important thing of all — a cup holder. Oh and it costs US$21,000.

Who’s buying one?

[via Rocketnews24]

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  • I will be happy to thoroughly test this for anyone that wants to provide me one. My writing skills are excellent if that’s any incentive.

    Any takers? Anyone? Bueler?

  • David

    I’ve often thought about using a wireless keyboard and mouse and have my PC video card hooked up to my big screen TV, which I’ve already tried with amazing results, and then simply use my computer while reclining on the sofa/couch. Of course, I do that already with a laptop, but those two options, to me, would be much more economical, and maybe more comfortable, than this expensive contraption. And if multiple displays are the main reason for this, then those could always be added at a fraction of the cost, depending on the hardware that you choose.

  • yesurelyjest

    Need two!