Stunning panoramic view of snow-capped mountains and lake [Wallpaper]


Click above for 2560×1440 resolution or click via link below for higher/lower resolutions.

[via funksoulbrother]

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  • Owen D

    i use Cyber-D’s Wallpaper Shifter

  • David Roper

    [@AFPhy6] Doc, I have to agree with you on this one. Ashraf can supply the best of the rest so we dont have to try them all.

  • AFPhy6

    Another one for the “Ashraf wallpaper collection”. You need to give us a wallpaper switching program to accommodate these

  • Merlin

    Nice “panaromic” view. ;-)

  • kevbo



  • BearPup

    Another beautiful photo to add to the Wallpapers collection. Thank you Ashraf, I appreciate my growing collection!

  • David Roper

    Where did they find a mirror that big?