Someone describe this photo [Amazing Photo of the Day]


Come on, let your creative juices work and describe this photo in the comments below.

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  • David Roper

    [@JMJ] clever words indeed

  • JMJ

    These are the main characters from the new book, “Forbidden Love : Rover-o and JulieCat”.

  • David Roper


  • tejas

    They call it “Puppy Love”

    (The cat is thinking, “If I play dead, he’ll go away’)

  • citizenearth

    I would say “best of friends, even though we are of different species.” How sweet.

  • JonE

    OH! My Sharee! I know our luv is forbeeden, but I just can’t help eet!

    [@VilCatto] Cute.

    And I’d label that one, “Dang! I hate baby sitting!”

  • VilCatto