• Tony

    AMAZING what they can do with Photoshop!

  • dtwill08

    are they edible..

  • Hilary

    [@Pravin] Size, mantas are much bigger; mantas are filters feeders, stingrays are not; mantas do not have barbs on their tail – if you saw a manta you would certainly see the difference.

  • Pravin

    What’s the difference between a Sting ray and a Manta ray?

  • Seamus McSeamus

    There was one of these caught in Thailand several years ago that weighed around 700 pounds. I wonder if this is a picture of that one making the rounds again?

  • Louis

    They look pretty well organised (have to be to get that thing out so neatly), so I assume it’s probably a science related catch and release.

    As to the how, though :

    As a beach sports angler myself, I can say this — if even a average (read relatively small) coastal one turn broadside, it’s already a battle to bring it in and release it — the water-resistance is really heavy (during which time you of course consider bringing in a possible great catch !).

    So may best guess is the rowboats and large net method, looks like a relatively shallow bay.

  • Tiberius

    I agree. What a beautiful Stingray. I hope it was released.

  • Roberto

    What’s the point of catching it and did they release it? Seems like ego fulfillment at the expense of the stingray.

  • Kathryn

    Not only how, but why?