How to: Get the 1 year free license for a-squared Anti-Malware Pro

As I posted about yesterday, Emisoft is running a 24-hour promotion giving away free 1 year licenses for a-squared Anti-Malware Pro. Since I have never taken advantage of an Emisoft promotion in the past, I did not realize how complicated they make it. I have been busy all day and just got the chance to take advantage of this promotion myself right now; even though there is only about 8 hours left, I figure I should write a walk through to help out the people who are confused on how to take advantage of this offer. For those that do miss out on this offer because of how complicated it is, I do apologize for not posting this earlier.

So, to get your 1 year free a-squared Anti-Malware Pro license, do the following:


  • Fill out the form and register with Emisoft (you must register a new account to get the free 1 year license):



  • Check the inbox of the e-mail you registered with. Look for an e-mail from “Emsi Software <>” with the subject of “Your user account information – Requires verification”. You need to do a few things with this e-mail. Firstly, there will be a a link which you must follow to verify your account:


Visit the link by clicking on it or copy and paste it in your web browser; close the web page after you see this on your screen:


  • Now go back to the e-mail Emisoft sent you. Look at the second half which contains the download link and your license code:


First click on the download link, or copy + paste it in your web browser, to start downloading a-squared Anti-Malware Pro; it is a ~65 MB download. Secondly, copy the license code.

  • Once a-squared Anti-Malware Pro has finished downloading, install it. After it has finished installing, run it. When you run the program, you should be prompted to either create an account with Emisoft or login to your current account:


Since you already created an account to get the free license, login with the username and password you used to register earlier.

  • After you are logged in, click on “Convert coupon code” located at the middle-bottom of the program window:


Enter the license code you received in the e-mail from Emisoft (you can paste it in if you have it copied):



  • You should now see the program window say you have a 1 year license to use:


  • Click the “Next” button and follow on screen instructions to customize a-squared settings.
  • Enjoy:


If you still have trouble getting the free 1 year license post below – I will try to help.

Lastly, many people have asked me if it is OK to run a-squared Anti-Malware Pro with other security software like Avira, Norton, Kaspersky, etc. Well generally speaking, you don’t want to run two security software that have “live protection” capabilities. “Live protection” means the security software acts like a watch dog that immediately notifies the user of any malicious content that gets downloaded to the user’s computer. The reason you don’t want to run two “live protection” software at the same time is because they will often conflict and slow your computer down (think about it logically – with two live protection running at the same time, two software will be scanning all new files as opposed to one so that will obviously lower computer performance).

That being said, there are two different types of security software. There are “mainstream” security software that act as the main protection for a user; software like this are Avira, Norton, Kaspersky, NOD32, McAfee (laugh, laugh), BitDefender, etc. Then there are “sidekick” security software that act as supplements to the “mainstream”  security software; software like this are Malwarebytes, IObit Internet Security 360, Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware, SUPERAntiSpyware, Spyware Terminator, etc. a-squared Anti-Malware was originally designed to be a “sidekick” security software.

Users never, ever want to run two “mainstream” security software on the same computer at the same time. However users can run some “mainstream” and “sidekick” security software on the same computer at the same time because the developers of “sidekick” security software recognize the fact that they need to make it so their software play well with “mainstream” security software. If the “mainstream” and “sidekick” security software will work well together totally depends on how the developers of each programmed their software; some may, some may not. Generally speaking, most “sidekick” security software work well with “mainstream” security software. Now “work well” does not mean that using both software will be exactly equivalent to only using one software in terms of computer resource usage and speed; “work well” means that the extra computer resource usage and speed decrease caused by running both software will be negligible and unnoticeable. This is my first time using a-squared Anti-Malware so I can’t personally vouch if it works well with other software or not, but according to Emisoft’s FAQ, it does:


Is a-squared fully compatible with antivirus or firewall tools?



a-squared was originally designed to be a complementary product to antivirus- and firewall software. It is no longer complementary, but instead a full replacement for any antivirus software today. Anyway it’s still compatible with nearly all other programs.

If you encounter a problem in combination with another program, please tell us. We will solve the problem as quickly as possible.

Please note, that you should turn off other background guards while running a scan with a-squared. Other guards would check each file twice and the scan would take very long.

Worse comes worse if you notice your computer running more slowly after installing a-squared Anti-Malware, just disable all the “live protection” features and use it as a on-demand program only. If you do end up using it as an on-demand scanner only, keep in mind the main difference between a-squared Anti-Malware Pro and a-squared Anti-Malware Free is Pro has the “live protection” features while Free does not so you may not even need the Pro version. I am currently leaving the “live protection” features on and will evaluate how it affects my computer in the days to come.

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  • Someguy

    Daniel, theres a link to more licences here:

  • Ashraf, My Dad just told me about your website. Pretty cool! I’d sure like the a-squared Anti-Malware if any more licenses are available. Thanks.

  • Mick

    Great job on keeping up this site,

  • Frayne

    Thank You for the license. I had trouble installing until I realized that I had to uninstall the older version I had from last year. After I did that I installed new version and used my own Username and Password and had no problem with the license code whatsoever. Thanks again.

  • ashlee

    Thanks Ashraf!

  • Samer

    Ashraf I got the email from u with the password and user name :S but when i put it it says wrong password D: what should I do

  • Gio

    Hello, first time post. Very good job on your site, been following for two months now… It’s not long I know. To get on topic, I have installed A-square along with IObit 360, and so far no problems at all, no decrease in performance.

    Thanks for all your posts.

  • Tortuga

    Hi Ash :D

    BIG thanks for explaining the “mainstream” v “sidekick” protection.
    Very clear indeed!! Your articles do help a lot to put the pieces of the puzzle in place.


    About the False Positives:
    -Like Fred said, it seems to happen often w A². Last year it suddenly “ate” several dozens of my files/.exe deciding they were infected. It wreaked havoc on my system!! :(
    Lost a lot of SW & games needlessly.

    It is a good prog but newbies like me do need to be careful w it.

  • davidroper

    Too complicated for me. If they REALLY want to give it away then give the thing by filing in a form.

  • Fred Smith

    I took advantage of a similar giveaway of this program last year or earlier this year. I found that every time you update it downloaded about 40 megs, which I guess was the whole program not just a small update. Also, the program seemed to get a lot of false positives, even on the default settings. On several occasions after having quite a few files flagged as dangerous I uploaded the files to ‘Virus Total’ and ‘Jotti’s malware scan’. Only programs that used the same scan engine as ‘a-square’ found anything wrong. Of course the files could have been infected but with so many other well known and trusted security programs finding nothing wrong it made think otherwise.

    Perhaps these two problems have been fixed in this latest version of a-squared Anti-Malware Pro. I hope so.

  • Matas

    Hello Ashraf,

    thanks a lot. No need to reinstall the trial app, I’ve changed the licence on the fly. But thanks for showing how to get one.

    The limit of 24 hours are out, but the promotion is still active.

  • @Ashraf: I read articles about that on PCMag. There are somethings pointing twords it, like the online version of Office 2010 as well as moving Movie Maker to Live, but that’s all I know of, I could try my MS contacts for more, but I don’t know what they can tell me.

    I agree about the EU, but that aguments for an article in “Keeping them Honest”, and it should start with Windows XP N (XP without WMP).

    It’s not that I see it as the upgrade from Defender, more that MS does (it does seem to be but I can’t really say, don’t have the resources to test both).

  • Ashraf

    @Samuel: I heard Microsoft was ditching Windows after Win7. Going to some cloud computing OS instead. Rumors or truth? Not 100% sure but I swear I read some official looking documents on the matter =P.

    As for EU and government thing… I think it is BS the EU is slamming MS for including Internet Explorer in their own operating system.

    Oh and I agree with you again. I do also see MSE as a much needed “upgrade” to Windows Defender.

  • @Ashraf & Albi:
    MSE is from what I’ve heard not maybe very good, but at least good. But you have to remeber MS’s reason for giving it out; they want people to have something protecting their computer. It really is just the next version of Windows Defender (which in fact it disables on Windows 7), I would expect that Windows 8 will have MSE internally instead of Defender. And to tell you the truth, I think that if MS made it too good the EU and some other goverments would complain, so making it better then nothing might be for the best.

  • Ashraf

    @Samuel: I do agree with you: Threatfire is one of the best, if not the best, “sidekick” security software.

    @Albi: Many developers encourage users to download from external file hosting websites, mainly, because 1) it saves the developer the bandwidth the user would need to download it directly from the developer’s website and 2) the more downloads a program gets on the more noticeable it will be to other people who surf for something to download. So not only do developers save money but they are, in a sense, getting free advertising by making people download from

    I have not tested MSE but like you I have also read the fact that it is very good.

  • Albi

    Hello Ashraf,
    I downloaded and installed the program with no problems. However I was surprised to see that the download was from, and I would have preferred to download the software directly from Emsisoft servers. Personally, I think it’s quite a good program, and I’ve used it along with avira premium and free with no conflicts between them. One word for Microsoft Security Essentials. A friend of mine installed it and in a very short time he got 6 viruses/spywares that easily slipped through MSE defenses. I don’t know if you have tested it or not, but recently I have read some articles that claim MSE is one of the best according to some tests. Weird!

  • @Ashraf: Makes sence, but for me when I think of those kinds of software, ThreatFire come to mind first (that and the fact that I’ve had it running on systems with many different “mainstream” ones with no problems).

  • Ashraf

    @Samuel: True. I wasn’t trying to mention all “sidekicks” thoughts =P.

  • Ashraf, you forgot ThreatFire and Microsoft Security Essentials as “sidekick”s. And for the recored I like the idea of calling them sidekicks, never thought of that!

  • Ashraf

    @Sunfish: Hmm? The promotion is still running… you can still get the 1 year free license. Just follow my directions above.

  • Sunfish

    I didn’t get the instructions in time and downloaded what turned out to be the trial version. But for all these hoops, I’m just going to skip it and uninstall. What a run-around!