• citizenearth

    Habit sticks like the hardest glue (think Selleys elephant brand glue). Conservative people will use fax machine until it is obsolete or they die, whichever comes first.

  • KMHamm

    We use it for receiving job applications and sending items that require a signature. But it’s all on computer. Comes in to my machine as a .pdf.

  • David Roper

    [@Janet] Janet, you win.
    You are correct. And to think that all this started out being about FAXes.

    So let me state that for designer Goldsmiths, the UMAX is ideal. I was going to say something about a tinker’s dam, so you would smile, but I didn’t. oh wait… ;-) Friends? Hope so.

  • Janet

    [@David Roper]

    You are locked in to thinking of your own specific needs….:-)….

    a) I am a designer goldsmith. I have hundreds of slides of sold works to which I no longer have access from pre-digital days. Since I am now totally digitalized and do most of my dialoguing with clients via email, I need digital access to these slides. But it’s not only slides–also large transparencies which were made in the days of printing by printers, as the tiny transparencies (slides) were way to small for quality printing. Nowadays, only dedicated scanners can scan transparencies, and even those only do strips of slides. So my old UMAX is really quite a treasure!

    b) I often have small shapes, done in CorelDraw, which have to be printed and pasted onto gold/silver sheet and sawed out. I have lots of scraps of gold/silver sheet. I can simply call up the scanner within CorelDraw, stick my piece of sheet in the scanner, and I instantly have the perfect to-exact-scale sheet outline (actually a full photo) on which to economically fit the cutout designs for maximum use of the piece of precious metal. MUCH faster and simpler than setting up an exact overhead shot with a digital camera!

    c) If anyone knows of a three-in-one that can scan transparencies, PLEASE let me know….:-)….!!!

    All artists/artisans over, say 40, have tons of slides of works to which they no longer have access.

  • David Roper

    Forget that, who ate the first oyster? Or who did Alexander Bell call next? The Patent Office? No, wait…

    Just kidding, the first Fax owner called the ssssss-zzzzzz-sssss-zzzzzz machine.

  • Tom

    Think for a moment about the guy who bought the first fax machine….

    What did he do with it?

  • David Roper

    [@Janet] You got me thinking, Janet.

    (A) no, they can’t – ie you got me. Rarely am I wrong. You mean Kodocolor slides?
    Have you heard, there’s digital cameras these days for sale.

    (B) I use a digital camera for that, too.

    (C) Since you kept me in the dark about WHAT old printer you have I will give you that one. Smart woman. I remember the dot matrix printers, too. <3

    Were we still talking about a FAX machine that would scan transparencies?

  • Janet

    Well, MY UMAX scanner scans large transparencies (!!!) which is pretty much impossible to find today without paying big bucks!

    [@David Roper]
    Three-in-one printers a) can’t scan transparencies, and b) often can’t scan 3d objects, and c) have printing capabilities inferior to those of my old printer…..:-)….

  • David Roper

    [@JMJ] Janet, there’s nothing wrong with using them for scanning, but modern day scanners are almost always built into an office all in one printer that costs $50 for a Canon 410,, for instance.

    For weight training use free, plastic grocery bags for two of them and an old broom handle. For bicep curls, just use one UMAX and one bag. Again, sand in the bags is free and better than the UMAX which you may drop and then the consignment shop won’t take it. It will bring $20 maybe if you’re lucky.

    What’s a Geek (after all, you are here) excercising and getting into shape for? Just curious.

  • David Roper

    [@Seamus McSeamus]

    Oh, yes,, me too. And when my mother died 7 years ago at 94 yrs my lawyer told my sister, the executor (trix?) to buy a fax machine out of the proceeds to correspond to him.

    She asked me the other day what to do with it, and I told her to unplug it and put it into her closet. I wasn’t as ugly to her as I have been on this forum. Karma’s a bitch.

  • David Roper

    [@Madhamish] Okay, thankls for not shooting me first of all. My remarks were bitter and hard.

    The Fax machine is a dinosaur left over from the 4800 baud Modem days, now they use 56k modems. The Telephone lineman who is not that technical (ie connect the same color wires) can tap anybodie’s phone line in two minutes.
    How’s that security?

    Use a wireless phone and the same capture can happen, with a little bit more equip[ment than two alligator clips that the lineman uses. Radio Shack can sell you the equipment to listen to it.

    I’m just trying to say that this is the Internet age, and outmoded FAX machines should be in the trash. I’m NOT saying they still don’t work fine for people and buisinesses.

    I AM saying it’s OLD technology,, like the paper and pen. Our children don’t even know who to write a letter of thanks using cursive writing. Know why? All they do in school is use their keyboard on their Tablet (probably an iPad). If they HAVE to write a letter by hand, it will be printed 100% bet.

  • Madhamish

    My friend, a doctor, in Milan still uses a combination printer/fax to send and receive patient records as it’s seen as a more secure medium than e-mail and virtually unhackable.

  • JMJ

    [@Janet] Wow! Our old UMAX scanners are still great for weight-training, right? :-)

  • Daniel

    As a part of my business, I send and receive faxes for people in the area. I keep really busy.
    I also offer to scan and email function, but most of those who are faxing have been told they “HAVE” to fax.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    We still have a fax, and use it fairly regularly. Most recently, we still had our old house on the market in a different state after we moved, so we exchanged quite a few faxes with our realtor.

  • Janet

    I agree with JonE–banks, medical community, and many gov offices require fax and don’t do email…..

    I use my fax machine all the time—as a scanner! My old UMAX scanner was upgradable to XP but not to Win7…. I never got around to installing all the stuff you need to install it virtually, so I use the fax machine when I don’t feel like crawling under the desk and re-hooking everything up to my old XP….:-)….

  • JMJ

    I love my Fax machines which, for many transactions, are still the standard. As banks migrated from Key Tested Telexes (KTT) to current digital data transfers, there was a time when authenticated faxes served the same purpose. Some banks still use the authenticated fax system and an enhanced telex system. Without the fax and international couriers, a lot of businesses would have been much, much more difficult to grow.

  • David Roper

    [@JonE] I’m not getting into an argument with anybody, please. But I used to work at a hospital in IT and they used it all over the hospital as well as Retail Pharmacies. I used to get reports and such from Retail Pharmacies faxed to my home phone. I swore I would send them to a HIPPA address. Never did. See how the $$fine sits with them. We had Fax reports of mentally ill patients sent all ove the hospital in error.

    I’m just saying that you never saw two smart lawyers or bankers either at a party, did you? I didn’t think so. Forgot about the law enforcement agencies, but it applies to them if they use FAX machines.

    Our law agencies here in SC use the internet and phones, not Faxes.

    Fax = stupid.

  • JonE

    I guess I’m a dinoaur too; I still use a fax; not very often anymore, but I still do occasionally use a fax. And I do because my bank does, everyone in the medical community (doctor’s, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and so on) and I haven’t gotten a business card from anyone who doesn’t list a fax number. And the local law enforcement agencies in our area all use them too.

    From my experience and what I’ve seen they are still a popular device in the busines community, as a whole.

  • kevbo

    I haven’t understood the reason for their continued use for years now. Although I have to admit, I still have a fax number on my business card, its through a free service for receiving faxes, although I can’t remember the last time I received one. I guess I’ll take it off next time I have a batch printed up. LOL.

    [@David Roper] I wouldn’t think something like that.

  • David Roper

    …and yet realtors, lawyers, and banks continue to promote and use these dinosaurs. You would think they were smarter than that.