The difference between hard drives in 1979 vs in 2013 [Image]


If this doesn’t blow your mind, I’m not sure what will.

[via Geeks are Sexy]

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  • David Roper

    [@victor] Doesn’t it say in the Bible that “The Geek shall inherit the Earth.” We’re in good shape then.

  • victor

    hmm.. picture shows 1979 but title says 1973. The wiki entry for the IBM hard disks show a different picture.

    When i first hit the IBM mainframe in 1980 I was operatiing already obsolete systems (Ibm 360/65 and IBM 370/168), and we were using 2314 (17 mb), 3330’s (200 mb demountable), 3350 (317 mb fixed) and 2 x 2305 Fixed Head disks. the 2305s, 11mb each but super fast with 5 ms access (as the heads didnt move and there 4 actuators – each doing odd/even tracks with 180 deg offset). and they were introduced in 1970..

    sorry but this article brought out the geek in me.

  • David Roper

    I have one so small it looks like a grain of rice. It holds 3 TB and has “cable” that uses induction to connect wirelessly to my system. The only problem is that now I have lost it somewhere in my kitchen tonight. I think I ate it accidentally in my supper.