I’m pretty sure I’d need a tetanus shot shot if I went near that beast.

[via Reddit]

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  • [@tejas] To think, the Fire Department used to warn about the dangers of an “octopus” (tangle of power cords) in the home. This looks like a whole family of Octopi, with all their aunts, uncles and first through 5th cousins. A rat’s nest indeed.

    I also like the drop light. =)

  • etim

    There used to be 2 wires hooked up there. Then some genius added the sign.

  • tejas

    As a communications technician, I’ve seen a lot of “rats nests” of wiring, but this one is the gold medal winner (loser?). I especially like the drop light hanging in the midst of that web.
    I would so love to clean that up!