How to save a dying hard drive: throw it into the freezer [Image]




The only thing that confuses me here is that recovering data from that dying hard drive is seemingly being done with a tablet. Windows 8 tablet, maybe?

And, to be clear, throwing the hard drive into the freezer is not a permanent solution. It only slows the death.

[via Reddit]

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  • j

    the drive itself should be waterproof, at least it is dustproof, but the outside contacts like SATA or PATA and the DC connector could cause a short circuit.

    I can approve putting a drive into a freezer for an hour:
    before, I had only clicking, afterwards, the clicking went away, but still BIOS wasn’t able to detect drive. I did not try to put a running harddrive into the fridge. IMHO it is worth a try!
    1 year of fam pics and vids gone!
    do your backup, and burn cds/dvds/bds!

  • Raeldin

    The cold just shrinks everything. If the head is somehow stuck, it can ‘unstick’ it. and allow the drive to be used for a little while. The drive needs to be in double ziploc bags and in the freezer for 12 hours. Not sure I would leave it in the freezer while trying to recover data. Too much water around when the drive heats up.